The Peculiarity of Wawa Community

There is something special about Wawa community. We celebrate our culture and enjoy giving back to  our  community  through  educational  and community  development. We gather together every 3rd Saturday of July every year for a fundraising event under our Enugu Day Event.  We use Enugu Day Event  to celebrate our culture  and raise fund for our  course. We  invest  the money  generated   during the Event to supply school  desks, teacher's desks  and  chairs, white  boards,  books and other  school  items to a  selected under  privileged   dilapidated   school in our  community. We  choose  school  items that impact the children directly by creating a better  learning  environment and  experience, and give them a sense of support and purpose to accomplish their academic goals.

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Unveiling Our Culture

Unveiling Our Rich and Beautiful Cultural Heritage



Steering the support for the underprivileged schools are the Wawa Men. The men of Wawa have deep understanding of where they came from and the challenges they faced during their school years. These challenges, unfortunately have gotten worse due to total neglect of the public school system in our communities, while the private schools are booming in business. The men understand the opportunities they current have and took it upon themselves to ensure that the underprivileged school children in our society are not forgotten. We have committed ourselves to organize the Enugu day Fundraising Event to support these children.

Core to the success of every Enugu Day Event are the Wawa Women Organization aka "The Ladies of Wawa". Wawa Women Organization is an indispensable wing of Wawa United of Minnesota. These wonderful ladies work tirelessly to organize the children activities and provide sumptuous meals for our visitors and guests . They remain a true steel in the spine of Wawa United of Minnesota, and will always be appreciated. We will always love and appreciate these wonderful ladies.