Some Projects sponsored by Wawa United of Minnesota

Wawa United of Minnesota proud itself in creating and improving the learning environment of the underprivileged public primary schools in our community. We created a niche for ourselves to selecting one or more primary school in our community and supply them with desks and other education supplies to enhance the learning environment. We took notice of the deplorable state of the children learning environment. Most public primary schools do not have desks for the children, chair and writing desks for the teachers, and other supplies necessary for good learning environment. Some have no doors and windows, and others dilapidated roof or no roof at all. Wawa United understands that while it may not be able to solve all the problems these schools  faces due to limited financial resources, it can impact these children positively by providing desks, seats and other writing materials to enhance learning. The projects we do include Mbogodo Primary School, Agbani, Nkanu LGA; Obeleagu Umana Okpudo Primary School Project; and Nomeh Kids Project.

We also recognized that investment in these schools does only benefit the schools, it benefits other ancillary labor services and entrepreneurs that make the production and delivery of the products to the school. It provided job and income opportunities for these labor services. The beneficiaries include wood sellers, nails and glues sellers, the carpentry labor that build the desks, the truck man that delivers the products, the labor men that loads and off-loads the items, the school supply stores that sell the boards, markers and erasers, the masonry labor that improves the walls and instal doors, and many others in the chain and network of the labor services, that range from raw material supply to the delivery of the products to the school. We not humbled because of the excitement we see in the faces of these children, but more to many other people we help to put food on their table. 

We pledge your support to help us continue to impact these people positively and impact our world, one primary school at a time

The 2018Mbogodo Primary School, Project

In 2018, Wawa United if Partnering with the Nkanu West Local Government provide desks to the primary school, while the local government undertake finishing the building and installing the doors and windows. This arrangement  is part of Wawa United partnership initiative with the authorities to enhance the learning environment. This project is being financed by the generous donations and financial support provided by our partners and guests during the 2017 Enugu Day Event.

We are particularly appreciative the the commitment  exhibited by the incumbent Local Government Chairman Mr. Henry Okenwa.  Mr Okenwa was elected as the Local Government Chairman in 2017 and believes that providing a good learning environment is not only timely, but expedient. Wawa United and the Nkanu West Local Government, through the Chairman in finalizing modalities for the project implementation. The project is expected to be completed bu the end of July 2018, and we are looking forward to providing these pupils an improvement learning environment.

The 2017 Obeleagu Umana Okpudo Primary School

When Wawa United received a referral for this project, it represented the typical beneficiaries of the Wawa United School Project funding. The building was dilapidated, the pupils are stacked in the few desks available, while others take sit on the ground. The teachers had not writing desks or writing materials.

We committed our agent and represented to meet the school principal for fact finding  and need identifications. Among the needs identified were school desks for the pupils, writing desks and arm chairs for the teachers, whiteboards marker and erasers, and office desk and  armchair for the headmistress, reinforcing the school storage that doubles as the storage and headmistresses office, with burglary proofs, new doors and windows.

A building with 3 classes with some desks for the 3 classes

Delivering the the Donated chairs, Desks and other items to the school

Wawa United changed the face of the classrooms by providing 60 pupils desks, 8 writing desks and arm chairs for the teaches, an office desk and arm chair for the headmistress,  8 white boards and accessories, and wall screen to separate the classes. New ceiling was added to the school storage. The storage was plastered,  painted,  and reinforced with burglary proofs.

The presentation of the school materials were received with fanfare and dancing. The entire community of Obeleagu Umana Okpudo, Umana, their leaders and prominent members of the community gathered together to receive the materials

The 2016 Nomeh Kids Project.

Wawa United also extended their benevolent heart of gift to The Talented Kids of Nomeh. The project was in partnership with Sister Nkiruka Okafor. Nomeh Kids are very talented children that organized themselves to playing melodious music, using  recyclable objects as musical instruments - drums, guitar, amplifier and others.  These kids were identified by Sister Nkiruka and brought to our attention. As part of the project to support the kids, Wawa United offered and provided exercise books for the kids and other school children in the community; and paid their school fees for the year.

Presentation of the exercise books donated to the Nomeh Talented Kids